Sree Oorpazhassi Kavu is a renowned shrine in the Northern Malabar located in Edakkad,a village situated in between Tellicherry and Kannur on the national highway in Kerala . (See map).As the name of the village suggests, this temple is located in a "Holy Grove". The word "Achi" in malayalam means mother and"Ooru" means place or village, and hence the usage "Oorpazhassikavu".

Sree Oorpazhassi Kavu has its reference in indian mythology.It is believed that Sree Parvathy (Kali) had her meditation in this holy grove to get rid of her dark complexion as Lord Shiva made fun of her dark skin.It was here that she was blessed by Lord Brahma to have lotus like skin and also told her that she would be the "Ooru Devata"(Village Diety) of this place.Thus came the shrine of Bhagavati, believed to be installed by Lord Brahma himself.It was in the later years  that Parasuram installed Vishnu and Shiva in the form of "Daivatar and Vettakkorumakan"  in this holy shrine. Thus Sree Oorpazhasi Kavu has the significance of Shaiva - Vaishnav - Shakthi's sanctum sanctorium with in a single temple enclave. 

Mele Kottam ( Upper Courtyard) is considered to be the original abode of the village diety. The sanctum sanctorum of Mele Kottam  has the idol of  "Thondachan" believed to be Hari Hara (Vishnu-Shiva) in single form as Guru and Vaidya, to enable the devotees to get enlightened on the Oneness of the Universe.

Melekottam is also considered as a place of worship of Saturn. As the sun reaches  the mid sky, the vertical rays falls directly on the sanctum sanctorium, the "OM"mantra is chanted every day by the Deivatar Vellattom .This ritual is also done in the mid night by the "Vettakkorumakan  Kaliyattam".  This ritual is a special one of its kind  and not seen in any other shrines or temples. As per Indian mythology, Saturn is the son of Sun God, and it is believed that attending these rituals will get rid of the "Shani Dosha"of the devotees as they are propitiating the Sun God through these rituals.

Sree Oorpazhassi Kavu is a very ancient temple existed during the Dravidian era and upheld by ancient Aryns (Parasuram) which follows highly sophisticated temple rituals even today.On visitation, the devotees get the feel of divinity and serenity, the Self gets enriched and enlightened enabling us to love and respect every  creation on this universe, thus realising oneness in many which is the underlying philosophy of "Sanatana Dharma".

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