Hello !  

I thought it prudent to explain the reason why I created a website for Edakkad Nambiars.

After living and working long years away from Edakkad, after having exposed to various cultures and religions,  I realised  that We, the Edakkad Nambiars are unique in some way, and we do have a history to be shared by each one of us, and that need to be preserved for the comming generations.We need a media to hoist it and a website would be a good idea.

Many of us who left our homes, in the formative years of our lives, do not know that history, who is who in our "Big Family".Some of the younger generations of Edakkad Nambiars, born and brought up in other states are not aware of their kith and kins in Edakkad, and in other parts of the country. Personally I never seen some of my nearer cousins and nephews who were born and brought up in other states. It will also happen that some of us might meet in foreign lands, and we may fail to recognize each other.That would be a sad thing to happen. I hope this webite will endeavour to collect as much details as possible of Edakkad Nambiars, and would try to link them atleast electronically.

Other than our common heritage, we have Our family temple "Sree Oorppazhassi Kavu" as a bonding factor.Each one of us, one time or the other, would have called or remembered Our God "Vettakkorumakan" and definitely, I am sure, that would have helped. Therefore, I think, each one of us is responsible to bring up the name of our great temple in the spritual map of kerala and India.This web site will endeavour to do so.

As on now, the website is a work in progress. Lot of information need to be collected and sifted. I hope in due course of time, and with the blessing of our great God,Vettakkorumakan, this website will enable Edakkad Nambiars to communicate easily and freely and his abode, Sree Oorpazhassi Kavu will be an  important land mark  in the spiritual map of India .

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